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What makes


different from other agencies?

Nurturing Prospects

we create not just funnels, but

engagement funnels

No one likes to be sold.

Not us. Do you?

While most of the marketers are busy selling your products or services like a cheesy salesmen, Perfect Analytica creates what is called Engagement Funnels. We create a right relationship with your audience by providing more value and engaging them with Storyline Based Ads, so that they come for your products again & again and become brand ambassadors.

Data Analytics

online marketing is a science, hence

data analytics

Data.. Data.. Everywhere..

But few understand.!

While most of the marketers like any other traditional marketer apply same decade old blueprints to generate results. Veteran marketers know that Facebook has now become a very complex space to advertise, hence it requires modern techniques like Data Analytics & Machine Learning to generate results which can guarantee an better ROI.

Growth Funnels

its wise to diversify, hence

multiple funnels

One should not put all their eggs in a single basket.

Do you agree with this.?

While most of the marketers work on a single funnel strategy, they risk your investment, for what will happen if that funnel don't work? Perfect Analytica makes multiple funnels for your business, so that your prospects arrives to your wonderland through not just one but multiple bridges. More Bridges = More Traffic, isn't that true.!

What process


follows to generate results?



Initial call or meeting to understand your goals and objectives.



We score your account for past campaigns on various required metrics. 



Contracting, kickoff meeting, staffing, align on test plans and all associated comp.



Begin structured testing, scale creative and audience, and begin reporting.



Daily testing, weekly reporting, monthly goal setting, and quarterly review/planning.



Daily testing, weekly reporting, monthly goal setting, and quarterly review/planning.

what services


offers to their valued clients?

lead generation

Find consistent flow of leads for your local business.

ecommerce sales

Find a consistent flow of sales for your online shopping portal.

high ticket sales

Find clients for your coaching or consulting business.

funnel designing

Design a high converting, jaw dropping funnels.

questions to be asked before choosing


as your valued partner.!

How should I choose between top advertising agencies?

There are many factors to consider when choosing between advertising agencies. In order to make an informed decision, start by determining your goal, the services you want, and your starting budget range. Without these three key pieces of information, it will be difficult for you to ask an agency the right questions to properly choose them.

Unfortunately, advertising agencies can get a bad rap due to few bad apples. We want to help you AVOID these agencies. We’ve laid out the most important factors that should shape your decision and some red flags! Here are 5 things to look for:

  1. A track record of success for the particular service you are looking for. If an agency cannot share any case studies with you, that’s a red flag!
  2. Transparency. Ask the agency how they will report on results. Ask them how much money goes to their fee vs. ad spend. If they do not share that information, this is a red flag.
  3. Reliability. Ask the marketing company how often they will communicate with you and who you will speak with. Ideally, your main contact point is workaholic! Ensure they appear reliable.
  4. The right sized company. Determine if a large or boutique agency would be best for you (see the other FAQ below for details).
  5. Expertise. Ask them about their approach and how they will define success. You want to ensure that an agency’s view of success aligns with yours. On the flip side, be wary of anyone who overpromises or starts talking about clicks and impressions. Who cares? We want conversions!

Hopefully, these factors help you make a great decision!

I had a bad experience with my last advertising agency. How can I make sure that doesn't happen again?

If you get a bad haircut, it doesn’t mean you should never go to a hairdresser again. It just means you need to do a better job of choosing your next service provider. See the red flags to look out for in the question above.

How much does advertising cost?

We offer several different services and customized packages according to your needs, goals, and budget. If you know exactly what you want, we can provide you a quote very quickly.

What is going to be my ROI?

We don’t know! Do you know? No one knows!

Anyone who does give you a precise figure is making it up and that’s not the agency you want to go with. That’s a red flag. Determining ROI requires testing. If the ROI is profitable, then we can methodically scale while ensuring we maintain a profitable ROI.

Why should I hire an advertising agency instead of another employee?

There are definitely advantages to both working with an agency and hiring another full-time employee. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself and reasons to hire an agency.

Is it reasonable to expect to find one employee that has the expertise to provide all the services you are looking for?

If you need a bunch of services, it may be cheaper to work with an agency with a team of experts than to hire several employees.

If this employee is sick, on vacation, or quits, do you have someone on your team who can cover them?

With an outside marketing team, these issues are their issues. Not yours.

Do you have an expert on your team that can evaluate the skill-level of particular candidates?

It will be difficult to hire a great person if not.  With an agency, it’s easier to determine if they have expertise as you can look at their case studies.

Finally, people working at an agency work on several different client accounts. They can apply new strategies that are working well for other clients to your company’s account. This outside perspective can be extremely valuable!

Should I work with a big marketing agency or a boutique agency?

Boutique! We’re not biased at all (we swear). But really, If you have a marketing budget of under $1,000,000 per year, you’ll likely be a small fish at a big agency. And small fish are dished out to junior employees with 300 accounts to manage and no incentive to achieve great results. And then they charge you big agency prices. And they usually don’t provide much transparency. But we’re not biased.

Everybody in my industry works with X ad agency. Should I work with them?

We often have companies come to us asking why they should work with us versus the company that everyone in their industry uses. The big thing to focus on here is whether you like the precise work that this agency’s work is doing and not just on how well your competitors are doing!

For example, say you run a law firm and are looking for help with social media management. Your competitor law firms are all signing tons of new clients and work with the same lawyer social media company. The question is not how well your competitors’ businesses are doing, it’s how well their social media is doing. If they are posting generic content and getting 17 likes and 1 comment on every Instagram post, don’t work with that social media agency! They’re not the reason your competitors are succeeding. You’re better off working with an agency with a track record of success managing social media – even if they have never worked with a law firm!

A track record of success within a service is more important than a track record of success within an industry.

Is it important that the advertising agency I work with has experience working with a similar company?

No! See the answer to the above question. A track record of success within a service is more important than a track record of success within an industry.

why now is the correct time to choose


as your valued partner.!

covid 19, has changed the way

people do business

Social Distancing. Budget Cuts. Optimization.

This is a new NORMAL.!

Round the world this pandemic has changed not only lives, but also businesses. Work from home and going online is one of the best ways to not just survive, but to scale your business to new heights and beat the competition.

Let us take you online today.!