Whether you’re a Tony Robbins fan or a Tony Robbins skeptic, with over one million website visitors per month you can’t deny he’s done well for himself online.

Just look at the snapshot below and what you’ll find is, “Tony Robbins” this small keyword has over 450,000 searches per month. Wow.! What a huge crowd to search for which is way more than the keyword “Jeff Bezos”, world’s richest man, who has around 370,000 searches per month, till the day when this post is published.

Tony Robins Search Volume

Don’t know how you perceive Tony, but love him or hate him. This guy has definitely made his buzz in the online world. When searched through various competition analyzing websites and found that his website attracts around 1.75 million visits per month.

Tony Robbins Traffic

Today. We’re going to reveal the secrets, how Tony build such an empire online. Which today brings 1.45 million visitors per month. Stay amazed, get your pen and paper. For what were going to reveal can be applied by your blog or business and can reap such huge dividends too. But before we kick start this whole thing..

Disclaimer: We have never worked for or with Robbins Research Inc. or Tony Robbins. Everything that we have mentioned, is based on our own experiences which we have gathered by subscribing Tony Robbins email, messenger, clicking his ads, etc. Tony Robbins has very active online presence which he keeps on changing constantly. This means that what we share with you below might not be their most recent version, it will definitely worked for his online thing, thus for us too.

Now let’s an overview of what you will be getting in this article:

Table of Contents

Let’s be true to ourselves. Very few (if any) of us will ever hit the worldwide recognition, renown and success, just like this gentleman, Tony, has. Which might make you wonder if you’ll get anything useful from reading how he markets himself. Because, more the popular a person, lesser the efforts he has to put in marketing his things.

After all, most of Tony’s traffic comes from his personal brand. Tony likes it 97% organic…

But what most people don’t realize is that organic and paid traffic is only 41% of Tony’s total traffic. Wow.! Isn’t it amazing. There’s room of around 59% of rest of the hidden traffic which we are going to tap soon.

Tony Robbins Organic vs Inorganic

The rest (hidden traffic) comes from the advanced marketing tactics, which Tony and his marketing and PR team use to build a multi-million dollar online business around the Tony Robbins brand.

Ready to see em’?

Let’s go.

High converting Homepage, which converts new visitors to new product sales.

Tony Robbins Home

As you type the magic words: and hit enter. You enter the world of Tony Robbins, the self-made brand, and the one who owns millions of net worth and the one who has coached some best personalities in the world like Maria Menounos, Serena Williams, Marc Benioff and many more.

The homepage of the website seems very simple, but very good from the perspective of psychology and conversions. “Transform Your Life” very clear and crisp headline to show what you can do with Tony Robbins.

Further, to make you to take action they say “Decades of experience. Millions of lives changed. Undeniable results.” a powerful line by a good copy-writer to deliver the message, that how powerful our programs are. And later simple CTA (Call to Action) button “START HERE” to take the action.

Tony Robbins Home Featured In

Homepage Banner is followed by the various famous brands under which Tony Robbins has been featured. This is done to show the authority of Tony Robbins. That how largely he is acclaimed.

Tony Robbins Home Mastery Area

Here, he mentions that he has a solution for everybody. A solution within any time frame, any lifestyle and any budget. Means his brand does not focus only on premier or luxury segment. Even low-income group can also become part.

But one thing, is very sure, this guy uses a lot of CTAs on his homepage. On every roll he wants the visitor to read his copy and take an action. Though with time these CTAs have decreased. But still you will find unusually large number of CTAs.

But this is not the main thing to see. This multimillion guy is very smart and his marketing team uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) methodology to use psychology as the weapon to convert.

He uses VAK learning style of NLP to deliver the content. Now you might be wondering, that now I will have to learn NLP to explore further? Then, then answer is NO.

Let me explain it to you in simpler terms.

VAK learning style of NLP is nothing but,
1. V – Visual ( pictures and videos)
2. A – Auditory (what they hear)
3. K – Kinaesthetic (feelings and actions)

Now, everyone has a different learning style, some can remember what they see, while others remember more what they heard. While Many of us remember most how we felt and by what happened to us.
Let’s see how he does this:

For Visual: show people case studies (Tony uses Pitbull, Hugh Jackman and Maria Menounos) and use videos (Tony uses his TED Talk, Netflix documentary and Super Soul Sunday with Oprah)

For Auditory: give people the option to speak to someone so they can make a buying decision (Tony offers people a complimentary results coaching session)

For Kinesthetic: show people the feeling they will get when making a buying decision (Tony gives people the feeling of luxury from his resort in Fiji and the feeling of altruism from his Tony Robbins Foundation)

If you could see then most of the images used for promoting any of his events, shows Tony using his hands, either to clap (Which again is a ritual) or else in a manner of reaching out the crowd.

Lead Generation Quiz; "Wheel of Life", which doubles the chances of sales.

Tony Robbins Wheel of Life

The Primary CTA in the homepage banner on his website keeps on changing earlier it was “Take Our Free Life Assessment”, which now is “Start Here”. But, the ultimate goal remains the same. To opt for their lead generation quiz “Wheel of Life”.

This is pretty smart move. Instead to pushing their products to every prospect visiting their website. They ask them to go for the quiz. Understand their requirements. And then suggest them the products.

This compels the person to take action as he feels this product is the solution to his problem and not just any other common problem.

Tony Robbins Wheel of Life 2

The Wheel of Life is not exactly a spin wheel game. But a quiz with series of questions, from seven different areas of life on which Tony has one or the other products to cater.

In, this world of mobiles, as most of our visitors are from accessing mobiles than desktop. Tony has made his Wheel of Life quiz easy enough with a slider which can be touched and answered.

This gives a way better experience for the mobile users.

Once, the visitor fills out the form, Tony’s hard sell marketers take the task further.

The quiz also provides the overall gap of your quiz and lets you know the area in which the gap exists and also recommends you a program, which can help you overcome this gap.

Tony Robbins Wheel of Life Result

The entire series of questions is the marketing at its finest. For it uses the age old wine, the AIDA method. Remember AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action).

Let’s explore further how Tony uses AIDA in this quiz:

  • Attention – Tony grabs the attention of visitors with the Wheel of Life quiz.
  • Interest – He generates interest among the seeker with the probing questions.
  • Desire – By the end of the quiz Tony gives them a Gap Score and a desire to improve it
  • Action – Tony recommends them a program at the end of the quiz and CTA is Get Program.


This helps Tony’s marketing team to further segment their list on the basis of their scores in different areas and initiate the series of emails. To hook up the prospect.

Multiple high converting small funnels which produce sales through personalized product recommendation.

While scrolling down the homepage you will come across at a section where Tony’s marketers smartly segment the visitors into objectives – Business or Personal as shown below:

Funnel #1:

Now when you click any of the Learn More buttons you are taken to some other further segmenting topics.

For example, when I clicked Learn More for ” Do you want to improve your business? ” then it takes to a different webpage, which asks us to choose any of the problems like below:

Tony Robbins Funnel 1

And when you further click any of the topics it will take you to the respective funnel. Say we click for “Increase Revenue” as we all definitely want to do so.

We come across their increase revenue funnel. And what’s interesting is that even the URL of the page says the same.

Tony Robbins Funnel 2

On further scrolling the webpage we come across our first offer: Get a Free Coaching session.

Tony Robbins Funnel 3

On further scrolling the webpage we come across our first offer: Get a Free Coaching session.

Tony Robbins Funnel 4

Then, we find a few product offerings that are related to the ‘business goal’ the prospect clicked on (“increase revenue”, in this case):

Tony Robbins Funnel 5

Followed up by a free trial offer:

Tony Robbins Funnel 6

Funnel #2:

When you will go to the Mission tab of Tony’s website you will find a menu choice “Ask Tony” then you will come across another funnel which is made hidden over here.

Tony Robbins Funnel 7

If he clicks any of the above choices, he will be taken to respective subtopics on which the visitor can take an action. But as we scroll further we get a CTA named Assessments. Which takes us to the other page which has all the assessments on the website of Tony. As shown below:

Tony Robbins Funnel 8

Selecting any of the above assessments will take you directly to the respective quiz and will help the visitor further the funnel.

Tony Robbins Funnel 9

At the end of the quiz they will ask for your contact details in return of the result of the quiz. And will show you who you are? Leader, Manager, etc..

Tony Robbins Funnel 10

And soon it will be followed by the good copy-writing of taking the next action and enrolling in their business mastery program.

Tony Robbins Funnel 11

After watching both of these funnels. I think all of you have now understand that Tony uses NLP as the tool to drive visitors to sales. The VAK learning style of NLP is what he uses.

He has a simple system as follows:

  1. Bring visitors to their website
  2. Use NLP and authority to take visitors to quiz
  3. Make visitors feel their pain points and an urge to improve them
  4. At the end of the quiz take their details and push them for free online coaching or something.
  5. Follow them with segmented email sequences
  6. Follow them with their hard core marketers to go for sales.

High converting Landing Page, which uses unique methodology.

This was the case at which was existing earlier, was not witnessed by me even after a month’s waiting period. But I still want to mention it, because it is something against what we really practice. So let’s see.

Tony Robbins Key words

Above is the case when today we go for the keyword “tony robbins” in the google search. We see that there is one ad which is targeted in this keyword which says “Tony Robbins Homepage | Your Breakthrough Awaits” and the rest are the competitors which are competing for the same keyword but has nothing with to do with Tony Robbins or even near to what he does.

But that’s not the case that we need to discuss. Our case is different.

Earlier, with the courtesy of famous lead generation website we came across PPC ads which Tony Robbins used to run to bring visitors to his website.

As, we all practice, that we will display our ad in the google search results and then on clicking we will be redirected to the webpage which is relevant to the mentioned keyword or link in the ad.

And we also know that Google puts very high score in terms of relevancy between the keyword ranking and relative webpage content. Are we right?

But, Tony totally against this used to run ads on any keywords and direct the visitors to his homepage. Yes, you heard it right. To his homepage.

Most of the branded keywords in the funnel have a very specific search intent, like…

  • tony robbins affirmations
  • anthony robbins date with destiny
  • tony robbins blog

These keywords don’t bring the audience to ultra-specific or highly-relevant landing pages that revolve around the search term.

Instead, all of these search terms bring the prospects to somewhere more general: Tony’s homepage. Why?

Either Tony likes throwing money down the drain while clapping on stage OR he has tested driving traffic to specific landing pages vs top-level landing pages and top-level landing pages get him more conversions.

One thing to remember is the massive amount of awareness the name “Tony Robbins” has.

So if someone is searching with a phrase that includes Tony by name, they are probably interested enough that they’ll seek out their original search intent even if they don’t land on the relevant page (Luckily, Tony’s well-organized menu makes it easy for them to do this).

And, as we’ve seen in our analysis of Tony’s homepage above, it has a lot of good things going for it: it offers plenty of enticing CTAs, social proof and useful free content that gives value to the readers.

Awesome social media posts which attracts the new visitors round the globe, be it Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Way back when Tony started his journey in this field, social media was not the main stream. Rather, the whole online marketing didn’t exist to the level it is now.

But, Tony has come a long way and today he enjoys 7.5+ million followers across the five major social media platforms. (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+)

Tony Robbins SOcial

Just look at the social profile of Tony. His social profile brings in 13.56% of the total traffic on his website.

Facebook, as obvious, contributes the maximum of more than half of this traffic, almost 56.13%. Rest comes from LinkedIn, Twitter, etc as shown above.

So, the question arises how Tony managed to get such a huge following? Well, the answer lies in his popularity from the era way back when social media was not active enough.

Let’s dismantle this following on the basis of platform and research further.

Platform #1: Facebook

We all know, that Facebook is the platform which wants their users to constantly keep on engaging, socializing, and come closer to each other.

So, any high quality posts which promotes engagement, like, offers, questions (polls), events, etc.

Tony does this job well. He uses this platform to promote his up-coming events, promotions, etc. And the people who follow him know this very well, hence they keep on coming again and again to get a bite of him every time.

Tony Robbins Facebook

Tony also uses the Facebook platform to update his followers with his latest blog posts and also his powerful quotes. This makes his Facebook page even more powerful.

Tony Robbins Facebook Posts

Platform #2: LinkedIn

About LinkedIn, we know that it is a must for any business, brand or working professional — it’s most powerfully used as continual networking, recruiting and value sharing. Avoid using LinkedIn for content that is excessively personal, or not relevant to a business networking audience.

But, on this platform Tony has an edge over common businesses. Tony is a part of LinkedIn Influencer program, which makes his posts available to the network wide audiences, without much marketing. And this Influencer program is only available on invitation basis.

But don’t get disheartened. Even you can become its part by some hard work. Keep on publishing engaging, content rich and long contents. And soon, you can get an invitation too.

Tony Robbins LinkedIn

But, what we have found is that the last article that team of Tony has published was on March, 2018, and we can’t find any articles after that.

Might be possible, as Tony Robbins is more of a personal trainer than a business trainer or coach. As he focuses more on bringing changes in personal lives.

Tony's Sales call strategy to close more sales.

But, what we have found is that the last article that team of Tony has published was on March, 2018, and we can’t find any articles after that.

Might be possible, as Tony Robbins is more of a personal trainer than a business trainer or coach. As he focuses more on bringing changes in personal lives.

Tony Robbins Experiences

Tony has come a long way since few months, many earlier marketers who, really explored the funnels in Tony’s website, used to question him of over dependent on calling or personal one-on-one conversation, than a full shopping platform.

But, now if you visit Tony’s website. they have improvised their website and took a chance to give a full shopping experience to a visitor. But in case if the visitor wants to have a one-to-one then the numbers are available to contact.

But, again taking a reference from we can learn how Tony works more on the call in this modern world of technology.

To see what sort of sales pitches they were using on these phone calls, the author Chris Von Wilpert signed up for one of the free coaching calls myself.

He was surprised to find that they weren’t the usual sort of ‘pushy’ experiences generally associated with sales calls.
This is an overview of how the call went:

1) After he had scheduled my appointment, he received an email that introduced me to my coach and gave me two pieces of “homework” to complete before the call:

Tony Robbins Email

Clicking on the Step #1 brought him to a page which showed the profile of the guy whom he was about to speak.

Tony Robbins Results

They made him to fill a questionnaire which asked him some general personal information plus his goals. They also asked what he was struggling with and what he expected from the call?

Tony Robbins Quiz Questions

Clicking on the Step #2 brought him to a Tony’s famous DISC Personality test.

Tony Robbins DISC

This is an excellent pre-sale attempt to not only increase the anticipation and interest of the applicant but also, makes him bit soft and increase his acceptance level about his mistakes… And also loosen up a bit for the call.

The call began with a friendly greeting and few general questions, about who he was, where he lived, etc. The coach then told him a bit about himself (this was the coach trying to build up a connection and trust with Chris, his audience member).

They then moved on to talk about and verify some of the things he had put into his pre-call questionnaire and personality test.

After the coach got more big-picture specifics, he chose a single issue Chris had brought up and dug deeper into it (in this case, it was finding work/life balance).

We discussed why Chris thought it was an issue and he offered up some suggestions that were actually useful and actionable. (In other words, the coach made sure Chris got some value from the call).

Now came the sales pitch (though it wasn’t a sales pitch in the usual sense). The coach, asked what Chris knew about Tony Robbins and his coaching, then gave him a general overview of the program. Though it wasn’t pushy at all, something that caught Chris’s attention was how the coach gave him very specific examples of how the coaching would help him with the specific problems they had talked about on the call.

This was a good sales tactic for a few major reasons:

  • It makes prospects feel like they are listened to (which makes you more trustworthy and likable)
  • It makes the service seem like a customized solution just for you
  • It helps prospects visualize how the service could fit into their lives


The call ended without any sort of final selling attempts, and Chris was told he could contact the guy anytime if he wanted to go forth and sign up.

11 Key Takeaways From Tony Robbin's Multi-Millions Dollar Marketing Strategy

Tony Robbins is a big player in the professional training world, but you don’t need a jumbo-sized marketing team or budget to get similar results.

You just need a smart marketing plan.

Here are the 11 key takeaways you can borrow, modify and adopt for your own business based on Tony Robbins real-life marketing tactics:

  1. Starting off your funnel with a lead gen quiz that follows the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) formula is a powerful way to capture lead info and segment prospects into specific email automation sequences based on their response.
  2. Using multiple CTAs isn’t always a recipe for disaster as long as most of them are low-commitment, offer a LOT of useful free content and appeal to a wide range of learning styles (like Tony did by offering videos for the visual learners, complimentary phone calls for the auditory learners, etc.).
  3. People love thinking things were made just for them and your prospects are no exception. Find a way to get your prospects to “show” you what they are interested in and then give them their very own mini-funnel of customized product solutions.
  4. In Tony’s case, it seems that top-level PPC landing pages perform better than product-level landing pages. Though this is a very unusual (and risky) move for most businesses, it could be something worth testing.
  5. Spreading all your content on all your social media channels won’t necessarily help you. When it comes to social media, think like a peacock and figure out what type of content spreads best on each social channel.
  6. Nobody likes a sleazy car salesmen (get your prospect on a phone call and follow Tony’s simple goal-based sales call strategy to get more client enrollments for your business).
  7. Retargeting doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or crazy complicated. Making yourself everywhere by retargeting across multiple platforms with a simple sales funnel makes small budgets work like big budgets.
  8. If you do live events, you better get your Tony Robbins clapping ritual and MC hammer spin on point. High-energy events that command your audience’s attention need a presenter who is going to control the room. Great speakers have rituals that pump them and the audience up.
  9. Podcasts are a super effective way to generate more awareness and traffic for you or your website if you offer listeners lots of interesting, high quality and helpful content. But don’t just jump in like a newbie, decide what you’re going to be known for and only slip in your promotional material when it can be done smoothly and naturally.
  10. The more people that are exposed to your content, the better. Use the content multiplier method Tony uses to help you spread, re-purpose, and customize your content across different platforms.
  11. There is always new technology coming out that can help you get more website conversions.


How To Use This Sales Funnel Template to Get Started With Your Own Funnel

We hope that by showing you a breakdown of Tony Robbins sales funnel template I’ve convinced you that you too can create your own coaching sales funnel.

Here are the 7-steps you would need to take to get started:

  1. Define your client avatar
  2. Create a 10-20 page PDF as a lead magnet for that avatar (could be a blog post turned into a PDF)
  3. Set up a 5-question segmentation survey—using tools like Surveyslam or Typeform
  4. Create a 7-part email sequence to installs buying beliefs—you can use Activecampaign or Drip for delivery
  5. Create a sale page with a video above the fold that leads to an application where people can schedule a call with you
  6. Jump on that call and close the client on a paid offer
  7. Keep in touch with non-buyers using one weekly email (you can turn it evergreen for leverage). Include a free coaching call as the email’s CTA

And with that, we would like to end this article.

We hope you found it valuable & educational.

Please share the article if you found it interesting and worth.


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